Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This blog is clearly on life-support

June 20? Really? My last post was June 20th? Maddy's comment down there ("why can't I see the countdown clock?") inspired me to at least post some random bulltets of update:

  • R. is back from his trip, which is why you can't see the countdown clock. I took it down.
  • We survived.
  • I had a few classic Great Moments in Parenting, but we survived.
  • I do not do well on continued sleep deprivation.
  • R. brought back fireman rain boots for Small Boy. He would wear them all day in 30 degree weather if I let him.
  • R. also brought back the most authentic little fireman suit I've ever seen. We're hiding it. Because if Small Boy saw it, we'd never get him out of it. I'm waiting for cooler weather.
  • Boychen has six teeth. Six!
  • Boychen isn't crawling yet but manages to scootch from here to there somehow.
  • When Boychen starts to crawl I am so. screwed.
  • These are really good.
  • Hey guess what? He's got another one of these in November! Oh joy!
  • These are really good.
  • This blog is clearly on life-support.