Friday, June 20, 2008


You know it is going to be a long day when you have taken a walk, finished with the zoo, eaten a happy meal and exhausted the McPlayland all before noon. And hey, check out the countdown clock in my sidebar. Oh yeah.

On the upside, I fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy summer pants today. Which is nice. Since it's summer.


At 23:33 , Anonymous R (husband) said...

Is it still so long? Sigh - yeah.

Yayyy though on the pre-pregnancy pants :-)

At 15:34 , Blogger Betsy said...

Happy summer! I hope those 5 days and 16 hours fly by. I can imagine you're pretty busy!

Hooray on the pre-pregnancy pants! :-)

At 21:53 , Anonymous Lynnette said...

Too funny...we just took the girls to McD's for the first time this morning, since our power was out, and I knew they had "yogurt" and "eggs." Only one was impressed. I told Nicole, "Fine, you never have to go to McDonald's again!" They were both, however, eyeing the McPlayland...oops forgot looked kind of skeevy anyway, as did the high chairs. Thank god for Anywhere spray!

Oh, and a little jealous about the pants.

At 22:14 , Blogger Maddy said...

Why can I not see the countdown clock? [Newbie visiting from the 'no longer' Phantom scribbler] [I wanted to write 'defunct' but that sounds unkind]

Well done the the summer pants.


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